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20 Years Ago, These Were The Products To Have On Hand In The Case Of An Emergency

Living in South Florida, getting prepared for Hurricane Season is an annual ritual.

For me, since my home was built to the latest hurricane standards and incorporates impact windows along with a standby generator, other than making sure I have enough food in the refrigerator, I also need to make sure my the gas tanks in my cars are filled prior to the storm making landfall.


Since all gas stations are not equipped with generators, in the aftermath of a major storm, due to potential power outages it may be difficult finding fuel. And those stations that do have power typically also have long lines that could be filled with frustrated drivers. So, plan ahead.

That’s the same advice I gave Jack Ford and Today Show viewers 20 years ago on this segment that featured products to have on hand in the case of an emergency.

I’ll add to this assortment there’s now a wide assortment of battery powered LED lanterns that last much longer on a set of batteries than models that were available in 1995 that are much safer to use than candles. And, having items such a battery operated fans are a pretty good idea too…but they eat batteries fairly quickly. But when you’re sweltering in high humidity levels, you’ll be glad you have them on hand. And yes, don’t forget to stock up on batteries!

One more point: Having gone through a few hurricanes over the past decade, I’ve learned that when a storm is headed towards a populated area, batteries often are the first items to disappear off of retailer’s shelves. However, unlike earthquakes and tornadoes, hurricanes typically arrive with quite a bit of advance notice. Since this segment was produced 20 years ago, there’s a service available now that was just getting started back then…!

In past years, when a storm was headed my way, instead of fighting the crowds at the local stores, I would simply place my order for batteries and other storm necessities online a few days prior to the predicted arrival and have them delivered to my door. In a pinch, you can pay the premium to have next day delivery and while it cost a bit more, you’ll avoid the long lines and have everything you need conveniently delivered to your door.

Since my house has a standby generator that operates on natural gas as well as includes appliances that are powered by the same source, I’ll stock up the freezer with frozen food entrees. I’ve found Omaha Steaks to be a great place to shop for much more than just steaks as they offer a nice assortment of seafood and side items, that like Amazon, are delivered to your door. However, shopping via Omaha Steaks can be expensive, but I’ve found a way around that hurdle.

Once per month or so, this pioneer of catalog and online sales offers 50% off deals that cover just about every they offer. The trick to getting these offers is to subscribe to it’s email list and while you’ll receive a daily email, just keep a look out for the ones that offer this great discount.

I’ll go one further step in my hurricane preparation plans and that’s making sure my quad copter (aerial photography drone) is in good operating condition and has its batteries fully charged. If a storm makes landfall in my area and causes damage to my neighbors’ homes, I’ll be out there photographing the aftermath so, even if they are out of town at the time, they will have documentation to provide the insurance company. That’s one of the benefits of having The Gadget Guru living in the area and it’s my part of being a good neighbor!

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