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2009 10th Anniversary Victory Vision Motorcycle

I’ll state upfront, this video from July 2008 is not my best video work, but it’s historic in a couple of ways. It’s not only one of the first of an initial batch of videos I produced for the launch of The VOG, it highlights a motorcycle that was only manufactured for one year: The 10th Anniversary version of the Victory Vision.

Considering the Vision was introduced in 2009 and this 2009 bike was only the second model year of the Victory Vision, I found it strange that Victory’s parent, Polaris, would affix a 10th Anniversary badge on a relatively new model. Looking back, they didn’t have a model that had survived all ten years they¬†could designate as a 10th anniversary model, so I guess putting it on its then flagship bike was not such a bad idea. This model came only one way: Fully loaded. It had ever bell and whistle available all included for one price. However, somebody slipped up and the Garmin GPS they promoted as being included had been discontinued and if the story I heard was true, Victory Management had to scramble to find refurbished units to include with the bike. That’s another story for another day.

Only 100 Anniversary Visions were made…it was first come first served and you had to submit your intent to purchase via a Fax. Yes, although email was widely available in 2008, Polaris required the usage of a fax machine to place a reservation. I remember one buyer telling me he had to scramble to find a fax machine to place his order.

While I’m not thrilled with the video and audio quality of this video, it is what it is. I had a limited amount of time (and budget) to create the content to launch The VOG and this was only one of more than a dozen videos I created with relatively short notice for the site launch. Back then, I was using a basic Canon camcorder and just learning how to use Apple’s Final Cut Express editing program. So I’ll take the blame for the quality issues. Yeah, the buck stops here!

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