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The Creative Aspects Of Drones

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With all the negative press about drones, I thought I would take a moment to show you some of the creative things you can do with a quad copter and a video camera. So, check out the video below or click the Aerial button on the VideosByAndy menu at the top of the page. When you look at the blend of technologies that are incorporated into these relatively small devices, the photographic possibilities of consumer drones are nothing short of amazing. Yes, they incorporate spinning blades and require a learning curve and of course, responsible usage, when they are used as intended, as stated, they can deliver amazing results.

Allow me to say that in my opinion, some of the drone manufacturers are not being as concerned about quality control and safety as they should be and some of the models require a seemingly endless series of software upgrades. In my experience I have owned two DJI copters and was planning the purchase of a third model, but I cancelled the purchase of the third model after reading about numerous operational concerns with that specific model. While some of them are being promoted as being easy-to-fly out of the box, that’s truly not the case as they require a lot of time to learn how to control them safely. I do have my eye on 3DR’s new Solo model as a future purchase as it seems this company is doing its best to do things right. I’ll await the initial reviews before considering a purchase as copters (or drones) are not something where I feel the need to be an early adopter.

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In this video, I found myself in possession of a 2014 Mini Cooper Convertible for a long weekend. The backstory is that my car was in the shop for scheduled maintenance and the dealer was kind enough to provide the Mini Cooper as a loaner. Prior to that day in September 2014, I had only driven a Mini Cooper once and that was many years ago and personally, I was unimpressed. The issue I had was they felt tiny inside and out and I felt like a flea when driving next to the big trucks on the highway.

Fast forward a few generations of Mini evolutions and this model is greatly improved than the one I had driven nearly ten years previously. While it had the quirky dash buttons that are now synonymous with the current Mini Cooper models, it was truly fun to drive. While I don’t review cars for a living, I can best describe the driving experience to that of an early 1970’s MG convertible. It was solid, handled well and a blast to drive.

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I was having so much fun with this car, I decided to pull out the DJI Phantom 2 Vision + drone (I prefer the work “copter”) and produce a short, fun video of the 2014 Mini Cooper. The shot above was captured by a Canon XA-10 camcorder that was positioned on a tripod.

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As you can see, I also had some fun experimenting with some some new, somewhat artistic visual effects when editing this video in Apple Final Cut Pro X (FCPX).

Allow me to state that I had permission of the property owner to fly in this area and flew within all FCC requirements for recreational usage. No consideration whatsoever was provided to me for the production of this video. And, no Mini Cooper’s or Drones were harmed in the production of this video!

Enjoy the video and of course, comments are welcomed.

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