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DJI Discusses Its New X5 and X5R 4K Cameras And Customer Service Issues

DJI has become the 800 pound gorilla of the consumer drone business. It’s Phantom series has shown up everywhere from the shelves of Best Buy, online at Amazon and various dealers and has even ended up on the White House lawn. Its Inspire 1 has become a logical step up model and has delivered a higher level of control and enhanced photography features. Simply stated, DJI has sold a lot of copters!

At InterDrone it became apparent that DJI was putting yet another toe in the water and introduced new cameras that are geared at the professional photography market that attach to the existing Inspire 1 airframe.

But, growth has come with price as, while there’s many satisfied customers, those who have had issues with a DJI copter have taken to the numerous online forums complaining about the lack of available tech support and long waits for factory repairs.

During the InterDrone Expo in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to meet with Randy Braun, Director of Product Experience for DJI and discuss the new X5/X5R cameras as well as its customer service and tech support issues.

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