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Driving 145 MPH In A 2011 500 HP Jaguar XKR With Racing Legend Davy Jones

When all is said and done, I can say I’ve had a fun life and have done some things that others just dream about.

While I’m not planning on going anywhere soon, as I go back through my video archives and re-live some of the things I’ve done, I can only wonder how I’ve survived 60 years and¬†still feel pretty good for a guy my age! I spent quite a few decades riding motorcycles and I’m one of the few people I know who can honestly say I’ve never dropped a motorcycle. I had a Honda CX-500 fall off it’s stand once in the 70’s when the kickstand made its way through the asphalt driveway in the Houston, TX Summer heat, but I was inside in the air conditioning when that happened…so that one doesn’t count! And, considering my riding days are behind me and will probably never throw a leg over another motorcycle, I can say I’ve had some wonderful experiences riding through various areas of the USA and Canada and met some great people.

As I found myself knowing that I’d done just about everything I wanted to do on two wheels, I tried three wheels and it just wasn’t the same. I’m sure that at one point, I’ll pull up those videos and tell you why I was in and out of a Can-Am RT trike in six months. It was then, my focus turned to sports cars. Yeah, some of us just have that gene in us that makes us do these things!

I’m fortunate that I have a pleasant relationship with Palm Beach Motorsports (I’ve purchased a few cars from them) and they have kept me on the invitation list for various car-related events.

In January 2011 I was invited to a track day at Palm Beach Raceway in Jupiter, FL where I had the opportunity to take a few laps behind the wheel of the 500 HP, Jaguar XKR. I thought I did fairly well for a rookie until I took a few hot laps in the passenger seat with racing legend Davy Jones behind the wheel and learned what a wimp I was behind the wheel.

I left that day exhilarated and only saying two words:

Holy Crap!

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