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Would You Take A Caribbean Cruise During A Hurricane Warning? I Did!

I like traveling by cruise ship!

It’s nice that you can visit multiple locations and only need to pack and unpack once.

It’s also nice that most cruise ships these days are like floating resort hotels and depending on the length of the cruise, it really doesn’t matter where you go as there’s plenty to do onboard. Whether it’s dining at a different restaurant every night, relaxing while overlooking the ocean or even doing a little shopping, cruising is as carefree of a vacation as there is these days. The only thing you need is good weather.

While I like to take a few cruises each year, if you schedule a Caribbean cruise during the Summer months, there’s always the risk that one of those pesky hurricanes may alter your plans. I say “alter” and that’s because cruises are rarely cancelled due to weather. As long as you can board at the designated port, you will be cruising…even if there’s a tropical storm or hurricane at sea.

Today’s cruise ships have sophisticated radar and navigation systems and can travel at speeds that allow them to change its course to go around a storm. While this means you may not make all the stops on a planned itinerary, it does mean that it’s a fairly safe method of travel…even during storm seasons.

A few months ago I reserved a cabin on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas for a quick, three night Bahama’s cruise. I’ve gotten to the point where I prefer a three or four night itinerary over the longer voyages and have taken this route a number of time in the past. It’s a fairly simple trip as it boards at Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach, Florida and stops in Nassau for one afternoon, then proceeds to Royal Caribbean’s deserted island for a day of relaxing on a pristine beach that comes with a great BBQ and good service.

However, just a few days prior to embarking on this voyage it seems that the weather folks were predicting that Tropical Storm Erika would be altering my plans. I had called Royal Caribbean’s reservation office twice prior to the trip and they stated there had been no announcement of a change of itinerary as of that moment. This operator was proud to say that Royal Caribbean had never cancelled a cruise due to weather and assured me that it would be departing on time. I even called during the two-hour drive to the port, just a few hours prior to the planned departure, and although the TV weather people were saying that a hurricane is heading towards us, the operator said there was no change in itinerary.

Personally, I thought that due to the path of the storm that the most likely scenario would be for it to take a path of a “cruise to nowhere” and that was fine with me.

Once I boarded the cruise the cruise director used the P.A. system to assure us that the cruise would commence as planned.

So, what happened?

Here’s the video:

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