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In 1985 The Compact Disc Was Considered To Be An Emerging Technology. Andy Pargh Reports On WSMV-TV In Nashville

Digging through my video archives I found this 30 year old video that shows us just how far technology has advanced over the years.

Prior to adopting the name The Gadget Guru, I was reporting part time on WSMV-TV’s Channel 4 Magazine and occasionally, when the topic was appropriate, I was asked lend my expertise to other programs on this station. In this case my report aired on The Scene At 10, the stations prime time evening news program. This story was reported by Carla Winfrey and the news program was anchored by Dan Miller and Demetria Kalodimos. As of the time of this post, Demetria is still at the anchor chair and other than a new hairstyle, she hasn’t aged a day!

Understanding that WSMV-TV is located in Nashville, TN, music is big business and the producers felt it appropriate for me to provide a report on the Compact Disc, aka the CD as at this time, the LP record was the standard of the industry. I made a prediction in this report about the future acceptance of CDs, that at the time, was questioned by some music executives in Nashville as being a bit bold.

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