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In 1993, Buying A Computer Was Confusing!

Talk about confusing.

RAM, hard disk drives, megabytes, microprocessors and even having to explain that a mouse is a device that connects to a computer! Looking back, things have surely come a long way!

Here’s how I used props to explain home computers to Bryant Gumbel in 1993.

The story behind this story is that I assisted Bryant in selecting computers for his youngsters and, as it often happened in that era, one of the computers was having an issue. I seem to remember that one of Bryant’s children was told by one of their peers was the problem was the manufacturer forgot to install the hard disk in the computer. After a bit of conversation and over-the-phone diagnosis, I confirmed with Bryant the computer actually did have a hard drive and explained if it didn’t, it wouldn’t go through the startup process. Bryant was a real pleasure to work with and a true gentleman.

I’m not sure how exactly this issue was resolved, but we got it back up and running. During our conversations we discussed how confusing buying a computer can be and it resulted in me producing a segment on the various components of a computer and coming up with simple method of explaining the terms the manufacturers were using to promote various models.

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