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Here’s The Popular Cell Phones Of 1995

With the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6+, I thought it would be fun to reach 20 years back in the archives and show you the phones that were the predecessors to today’s smartphones.

While these models are considered low tech by todays standards as features such as a web browser, a camera or even a touch screen had yet to be developed, these models were, for its time, innovative and in some circles, considered status symbols. Prior to the handheld phone, portable models were called trans-portables and featured a large battery that was worn over the shoulder and were connected to a corded handset. Other models were hard wired inside an automobile and could only be used in the car…hence the name Car Phones.

This segment originally aired live on the Weekend Today Show in 1995 and features the latest in analog cell phones and a glimpse at the new breed of digital models. Jack Ford is the Host featured in this segment and began his career at NBC News as a Legal Correspondent covering the O. J. Simpson trial and found a home as the Co-Host of its Weekend Today Show. Jack was always a pleasure to work with.


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