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VOG Member Spotlight: DSJR70 Reviews The Victory Vision

On the motorcycle section on VideosByAndy you’ll find quite a few motorcycle videos that are branded with The VOG logo and I realize that if you came to this site through the other topics you might not realize that in 2006 I created The VOG website and it’s an acronym the Victory Owner’s Group that I later sold in 2012. While this post is not about this history of The VOG, I’ll use this post to tell you about the its theme:

It doesn’t matter what you ride as long as you make Friends along the way. 

Yeah, I know it sounds like a sissy theme for a bunch of burly motorcycle riders, but this theme took time to develop and there was a reason for it. As stated, this theme doesn’t seem like an appropriate theme for a motorcycle-related website, but The VOG was not a typical motorcycle site…that was the point in building it…to be different.

Simply stated, when I was considering building The VOG and when it was at the stage of being just a concept and was at that point, nothing more than a few ideas and a blank computer screen, I knew what I wanted it to be. Nothing like it existed prior to its launch and it was a daring gamble putting the pieces together to get it online.

Although the initial intentions were meant to fill the void of websites covering Victory motorcycles, I was hoping to create a community where what you ride was not a requirement for being a part of the community. Having a passion for riding and wanting to connect with others who share’s your enjoyment of riding was the target of the people I was attempting to reach. It seems with some brands the phrase, you are what you ride is the theme. While Victory was the common denominator and the bike lineup that got people to The VOG, that’s not what I was attempting to accomplish with The VOG.

I say this as at the time I was considering building The VOG, there were basically two websites that garnered the online attention of Victory owners. One was centered around a specific model and the other, in my opinion, was a bit too rough around the edges for me. Yes, websites are not a one size fits all type of thing and they simply were not for me. I’m sure the other sites were fine for others, I just wanted something different.

Getting back to The VOG’s theme, in this and other VOG videos you’ll see DSJR70 (Don) appear from time to time. Don is one of those Friends I met along the way and I’m happy to say that even after The VOG, Don and I have maintained a Friendship. Per the previous paragraph where I use the phrase, “it’s not for me,” every time I hear that phrase, I’ll always think of Don as he used it to make a bold statement and those four words rumbled their way inside a manufacturer’s board room as he used them to describe a bike that simply wasn’t ready for prime time. That video can be found Here.

Here’s a video with Don giving us his opinion of his Victory Vision:

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