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Witchdoctor’s Proves Excellent Customer Service And A Piece of Candy Is A Winning Recipe

These days, I seem to experience the same frustration when a product around the house goes on the fritz and a call to customer service is required.

Whether it’s contacting a phone or cable company, an appliance manufacturer or a host of other businesses, it seems it takes forever to get a human being on the phone to answer the simplest of questions or agree to address something that’s obviously broken.

That’s what I always appreciated about Jon, aka The Witchdoctor, as people who call his business rarely remained on hold and typically ended up being well served by this vendor.

I met Jon during my days of running The VOG and he had a small business in Ohio selling various parts designed for Victory motorcycles. When I first started The VOG, there were a few existing suppliers who seemed to have cornered the majority of the Victory parts market and Jon was the new guy on the street. However due to some strong strategies, basic business principals and a lot of sweat equity, Jon’s business grew over the years and Witchdoctors became the dominant force in the marketplace. So, just how did he do this?

Customer Service!

Jon was one of those guys who made sure his phones were answered and orders were shipped promptly. If there was a delay, the customer was contacted. If a call went unanswered, the call was returned. And, to make customers smile when they opened the box, he added a piece of candy.

One day, Jon stopped by to visit my home in Florida and we had a long discussion about the motorcycle industry. While I made it a practice about only using Google, Yahoo and AOL ad services and never accepting ads directly from companies, Jon asked how he could get a greater presence on The VOG. I provided him the same answer I gave to others in his business and said that if he could create some “how to” videos that showed others how to perform basic service tasks as well as how to install specific parts, surely the recognition of his brand would rise.

Unlike the others who I gave the same advice, Jon actually took the time and produced a number of noteworthy videos and over a relatively short time, people took notice. Needless to say, Jon’s small business isn’t so small these days.

Jon truly raised the bar and set it higher than Victory customers had previously experienced and it seems that the competitors who once dominated this niche market seemed to appear in his rear view mirror. It just goes to show you that if you want to be successful you simply need to take the attitude to strive to make the customer happy and deliver orders when promised. Sounds simple, huh?

And, including a piece of candy with the order doesn’t hurt either!

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