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Andy’s Day At Yuneec – Part 3: ProAction Handheld Stabilizer Overview

If you’ve been keeping track you may have noticed that I’m editing my segments out of sequence. Yes, not everything goes as planned and this fourth installment of my Day at Yuneec USA Headquarters in Ontario, California should have been my third chapter, but it wasn’t. But, there’s a reason for this. Read on…

This segment is an interview with Raymon Robinson, Product Manager of Yuneec USA and it highlights the new ProAction Handheld Stabilizer. But, as I was editing this piece a couple of weeks ago, there were a few things that didn’t make sense and since I make every attempt to get things right, I thought it best to wait until I received a ProAction in my hands to verify some of the information. Instead, I jumped ahead and edited the Tornado H920 overview video. If you missed that one, Click Here.

Don’t get me wrong, Raymon didn’t mislead me with any information, there were a few connections that I wanted to double check. Remember, this unit is new and Raymon had only been with Yuneec for two weeks when we shot this video and we were learning together! Since I purchased a ProAction for my personal usage, I thought I’d hold up on the editing of this segment until it arrived. The reason for the delay is that I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and it happened to arrive the day after I left town and had to sit until I returned before I could open the box and check things out.

And yes, there is an unboxing video that will be posted in a few days and trust me when I tell you that I discovered something that was, shall I say, surprising?

Anyway, enough with the teasers, here’s the video of my conversation with Raymon regarding Yuneec’s new ProAction handheld stabilizer. I’ll be putting this model through its paces and you’ll be seeing a more detailed review coming after I’ve spent ample time with it and have formed a solid opinion. Hey, I’m not one of those blogger-types who glances at a unit and writes a paragraph. When I review I product, I actually review it!

And, before you say it, I’m sure I didn’t ask absolutely everything you wanted to know about this unit in this video. Hey, that’s what the comments section is for. So if you have a question, fire away. If I know the answer, I’ll tell you, If I don’t I’ll tell you that too!

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