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A Test Of The Camera Settings On The Yuneec Q500 4K As Well As A Bunch More Stuff!

While this video was originally planned to be a test of the outdoor camera settings for the Yuneec Q500 4K, it ended up being an overall look at various features and characteristics of this quad copter. Included in this video are the following:

– Proper Startup

– Possible solution to correcting a Horizon issue

– Difference between The Lighting Patterns and what they mean

– A Quick Mod To Improve The Sunshade

– A desirable missing feature that should be easy to add

– Demonstrations of Both Rabbit and Turtle modes on the same route

– Using the camera’s tilt to get a straight horizon

– The limits of the WiFi video signal

– A Hover Demonstration

– How to descend to reduce the instability due to the vortex state

– And yes, I do provide multiple demonstrations of the Camera Settings in AWB (Automatic White Balance) and Sunny and Cloudy Modes

Here’s the video:


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