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Quick Tips For Flying A Yuneec Q500 4K Quad Copter – New Lighting Pattern Explained

I’m having a positive experience with my Yuneec Q500 4K quad copter as it’s much easier to operate than the DJI models I’ve owned and delivers noteworthy video footage. For $1,400, this model includes everything thats needed to enter the world of aerial photography. While the 4K video that is generated from the copter can be considered a bit soft when compared to video generated by various GoPro models, it works well for my needs. The gimbal mechanism, (that’s the mount that softens harsh moves and gives the resulting video a professional look) delivers smooth results.

It also includes a hand held device it calls the SteadyGrip that allows you to quickly remove the camera from the copter and place it on the SteadyGrip and have the ability to capture shots that are more convenient and in most cases, safer to capture without spinning blades. I’ve produced an overview video of the SteadyGrip and it can be found here. 

I’ll add that Yuneec has something that DJI doesn’t and that’s tech support that responds to request in a timely fashion. While the DJI faithful are quick to point out that DJI sells more copters than Yuneec, I’ll say they are correct…at least for now. They also point out that Yuneec’s rapid tech support will wane when it gets more copters in the hands of consumers. Time will tell on that one. But for now, Yuneec is definitely the copter company to watch.

One issue I experienced with my Q500 4K system was that the copter was displaying a light pattern that was not shown in its instruction guide. The light pattern is one of the copters’ methods of communicating to the pilot the current status of its operating system. Because this specific lighting pattern did not match the included chart, I was a bit uneasy that the copter may not be safe to fly in various modes. I’ll add that my first Q500 displayed some issues that were not fixable over the phone or via email. One that concerned me was a gimbal that would vibrate periodically that seemed to appear after flying through multiple batteries. When the gimbal would shake or vibrate, it adversely affected the video that was being captured at that moment. Once this was explained to Dylan at Yuneec Tech Support, it was addressed promptly and courteously and a replacement model was sent to me. Allow me to say that I’ve only had two flying sessions with the new copter, this replacement model is performing exactly as advertised.

I have come to learn the Q500 4K included the same instructional information of its predecessor, but this new model incorporated modifications that deliver a more enhanced lighting pattern that gives the operator additional information. For example, while (depending on the operating mode) having the unit display a solid green or purple LED indicator was the most desirable for steady flight and the one that designated that features such as Follow Me and Watch Me modes could be used, I have come to learn that was incorrect. While the steady lights designate a good GPS lock, a new pattern with a three second green or purple followed by a quick white flash and back to the steady color, now designates a stronger GPS lock.

In this video I demonstrate this upgrade as well as showing two Apps that can be used to assist in knowing if it’s safe to fly before you leave your house and do a refresher demonstration on proper calibration. This video finishes off with a demo the 4K camera quality in both the Turtle and Rabbit modes.

So, what do you think of the video generated from the Yuneec Q500 4K? Feel free to leave your comments here or on the VideosByAndy Facebook page.

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