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Yuneec Typhoon G GoPro Quad Copter – Easy Setup Guide

While this is my fourth quad copter, it’s my first that utilizes a GoPro camera.

Yes, three of the four copters I’ve owned incorporated cameras, but they were proprietary cameras and went from the box to the air in a relatively short period. In fact, other than the time required for battery charging, my Q500 4K went from the box to the air much quicker that my iPhones and in some respects, were a bit easier to get activated and up and running.

Considering that Yuneec has developed an excellent reputation for developing easy to setup and fly copters, I had no reason to expect anything different. But due to the fact the Typhoon G uses a GoPro Hero 4 camera and not one created specifically for a copter, the setup was much more complicated and required a Facetime call to Yuneec Tech Support for me to figure out how to complete the setup process.

So, I thought it would assist others by making a video that not only shows the easy steps, but focuses on the parts that could be a bit confusing to some owners.

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